Montag, 6. Juli 2015

Netherlands Greatest?

Next Saturday the day of Herman Brood's death recurs for the 14th time. He was maybe the greatest musician and entertainer from this country. Herman Brood started his career playing with an Dutch underground band Cuby and the Blizzards before he went to jail for dealing LSD. In 1976 he started his second musical career with his band Wild Romance. Known for his excessive hedonistic lifestyle he was one of few artists that lived the real way of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. I was lucky enough to see him live in the late 70s with his energetic show. For me it was I expected by Iggy Pop on stage. And he was the missing link from continental r&b and the upcoming punk era. He was deeply based in classic rock music but had something really different. I can't explain what it was - maybe the way he performed his songs. Mostly high energy forward driving songs with very good arrangements. There are only a few bands from my neighbors that impressed me like him. And when I listen to his songs after decades they feel still raw, fresh and individual.

Herman Brood - Saturday Night
Herman Brood - Love You Like I Love Myself
Herman Brood - Rock and Roll Junkie
Herman Brood - Johnny

And one song he sung shortly before he commit suicide and that was played on his funeral.

Herman Brood - My Way

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

It Hugs Back

Another band I've never heard before and was recommended by my youngest brother are It Hugs Back. It is another London based band that released several records during the last years. It Hugs back was formed by Matthew Simms who played guitar by Wire for a few years and Pete Fowler, Super Furry Animals. Their music can't be described as post-punk or alternative rock like you may expect by them members. It is more a frantic burst of kaleidoscopic guitar pop with exuberant synths, some piano parts and emphatic vocals.

There were so many songs to feature but only a few today. Go Magic is a brilliant glam-rocker with a pounding groove, sharp guitar riffs and vocal delivered through a loudhailer.

Waiting Room is a delightful, with aching and countrified harmonies and some superb guitar picking.

On their last track Skateboard Rhythm they transform a low folk song into an euphoric Krautrocking jam.

Thank you Martin - this post is dedicated to you

Samstag, 4. Juli 2015

Loud Places Again

I met my brother yesterday for another fantastic cup of coffee. Talking about the latest music he recommended me the live version of Jamie XX Loud Places. And he's right - this song works played live very good. It is also good to see the XX playing with him again.

Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

Here Comes The Summer

The last days the temperature increased at my place over 30 degrees Celsius these days, Work is hard to do without any air condition right now. Every place outside the office is a place where you sweat all over. I don't want to complain but finally summer arrived at my place. Hope you can enjoy the summer as well.

Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Radio Birdman

When I read the news that Radio Birdman played a sensational gig in Hamburg I was surprised that the the first original punks are still alive and kicking. Seems like they persuaded the audience a few days ago. I think that it's time to feature them here one more time. They were one of the first ever punk rock bands in down under. Without their influence maybe The Saints wouldn't be possible. Listening to them is still awesome and it makes me remind to the good old times when music was fresh, new and solid. So let's listen to a sound long time ago.


Twanging Tuesday # 69

Today's song is by a band from Mannheim, called Apache-O-Matic. I saw them live a few weeks ago on the festival. I was cruising around between two gigs and joined their appearance in the small tent. When I went in there I felt a bit of back in the 50s. Pure surf sound and twangy guitars ruled the place. I've never expected that a German band could be able to play this sound. Sometimes you got surprised by artists you've never heard before and they grab you with their sound. One of the hidden highlights of this festival for sure.

Montag, 29. Juni 2015


I know that Wolf Alice is the newest hype and the next big thing in British music press. Anyway, I got the latest album and have to say that their are worth listening to. It's a bit like a journey through the history of indie music and they try to combine a lot of influence in their songs. An example: Freazy with it's cool groove and echoes reminds me on the Rave-O-Lution days and Stone Roses.

You're a Germ with it's crispy guitar riffs could be a song by Blur long time ago.

Wolf Alice accomplished the different influence into very own songs that getting better the often you listen to it. If you do you'll find a lot of gems on this record.