Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Wrong Club

The greater Manchester area based pop duo The Ting Tings released with their last single a pog song for the end of summer. Starting with a groovy bass line Katie White's voice appears and leads the song into a fantastic funk/disco/pop-groove.

Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Twanging Tuesday # 43

Today's track is one of the lost songs in rockabilly. Played in different styles by various artists. I couldn't find further information about the artists but anyway it's a song that is typical for what I call rockabilly.

Glenn Bond - When My Baby's Passing By

Montag, 15. September 2014

Too Much Blood

For sentimental reasons I grab out my old Rolling Stones records and give them a listen. After listening to a few songs I got a feeling like I'm listening to a mainstream radio station. Then I used to switch to another kind of music. Last time I was looking around for some alternative takes and remixes of their songs. And you can find galore. I think their songs are too good not to take an edit of them. Here's an example for this. Originally released in 1983 on 'Undercover' where they experimented with new sound 'Too Much Blood' was on of the best songs on this record and this dubby version make him even better.

Enjoy and have a good week.

Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood (Arthur Baker Dub Mix)

Sonntag, 14. September 2014

From The In-Box

A couple of new artists arrived throughout the last weeks that are worth to named in this series. Let's start on this rainy Sunday with Ryan David Orr. He's an American singer/songwriter based in Lakeside, Arizona. Learned to play fiddle and guitar in his youngest days. After some experiments in grunge music he returned to his folk roots. Rootstime Magazine, Holland describes his music this way: "Ryan David Orr has a warm, beautiful voice with which he intimates feelings of sorrow or joy...similar to that of Chris Martin (Coldplay), Damien Rice, or Ryan Adams." And I agree.

Ryan David Orr - Margaret
Ryan David Orr - Lucky Is Enough

London based LAZYFLUX showed up with their self called Alternative Trip Rock. They name Pink Floyd as their influence and right - on some songs they try to do it in this way. I'm not into long organ parts and that's what they should use it less. But Zanzibar Bazaar is a great song. Starting with a bubbling guitar they move more to the times when bands like Red Guitars were famous.

LAZYFLUX - Zanzibar Bazaar

The House The Old is the project of Imran Siddiqui, a singer/songwriter from Virginia. Nothing more or less a very good arranged rock song that should be played on classic rock stations. 'Missing' takes a stand against violence on women - a campaign he started over his homepage.

The House The Old - Missing

Meditative Jam is the way Jim Dennis describes his music. Located in California you may think it's inspired by the westcoast sound. But it's different. Based on blues pattern he plays longer improvisations on them. In the back there were drums that oscillate between early The Doors and zappaesc drumming. Worth to listen to.

Jim Dennis - Illumine The Reflection
Jim Dennis - Penetrating Light

Let's finish for today with Eddy Bayes. Like many other singer/songwriters he used to play in pubs in London in his earlier days. Since moving stateside he developed his very own style. Torn between the influences of John Martyn, Beck and Tracy Chapman he found his music home. His fine songs were supplemented by the cello played by Abi Loutoo.

Eddy Bayes - Sail On
Eddy Bayes - Roads

Samstag, 13. September 2014

That's What We Watched On TV Year Ago # 13

It sounds maybe funnily that I write about a series which one should assign to the genre children's program. I was a teen when I first saw the first episode and was fascinated from the actors and the story. Catweazle is an odd, goat-bearded, anglo-saxon sorcerer who lives in 1066 and tries to fly with the help of a magic drink from henbane, hemlock, thimble and buttercups in vain. Instead, he is catapulted on the run before England attacking norman lascivious for murder in the 1970s when he jumps a charm calling in a river and appears from a marshy pool again. Catweazle is amazed about the electric inventions of the modern civilisation whose innovations he holds for powerful magic. In the first relay he makes friends with the farmer's son Harold Bennet who helps him to get over the malices of the modern world. Catweazle's spell "Salmei, Dalmei, Adomei" with which he arranges a lot of mix-ups was as famous as his loyal companion, toad Touchwood in our time. For me and my friends this series was then simply a cult. Why - this we cannot understand any more. Maybe it is just due to the fact that Catweazle was just different as all other what was offered us at that time. It went even so far that a friend who was a big fan of the principal character Geoffrey Bayldon is called till this day Geoff.

And here's a song from 1974 by an artist that looks and acts alike Catweazle.

Freitag, 12. September 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 38

This series wouldn't be complete if I don't feature one of the well respected German bands worldwide. Kraftwerk is a band that has influenced the music scene with lasting effects and changed as well. The complete history you can read here. I have grown up with the music of the heroes from the 60s and the entrance in their music was not easy. In the early 70s some dope smoking friends introduced me to upcoming electronic music made by German musicians. They introduced me to to early Krautrock and the especially the music of Michael Rother who would become a member of Kraftwerk in their early days. For me Kraftwerk started in 1974 with the release of their album Autobahn. I've never heard a sound like this before. One side of a record just with one song based on a simple melody with a lot of variations. The improvisation I used to know by guitar slingers was transported to electronic sounds. It wasn't a music to be played for masses or on regular radio stations. We played this record for our very own personal delight - mostly late at night. The greatest gift they gave me was open ears for new sounds. And I agree to most of the critics that they had a heavy influence to electronic music as we know it.

Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express
Kraftwerk - The Model

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Violent Shiver

Benjamin Booker is a 25 year old musician  based in New Orleans. Influenced by The White Stripes, The Gun Club, traditional American Blues and British glam rock he plays some very own kind of music. Based on the described roots they play an energetic, forward driven punk/new wave style. It's one of the few records that brought back to times when everything was possible. I'm looking forward to their forthcoming output.

PS: How strange it was! Decades ago our friends across the ocean elected a Miss nuclear test.