Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016

Eat You Up

Bildergebnis für vintage speedway

This will be the last Sunday at my place for this year because I am leaving to Sri Lanka as every year to spent the time over Christmas and the changing of the year. Everything is ready and prepared so that I only have to work until Friday. Knowing that these five days will feel like five weeks in fact there are a lot of jobs to do. Don't worry it is the same every year and I's sure I will manage it. As every Sunday I check out my favourite Austrian radio station fm4 what's new in music and politics. As far as I know it is the only site that contains articles not only in German. Of course they aim to a younger audience than me but it is always interesting to follow them. Their program is mainly based on electric music and especially Austrian musicians but you find some gems from other genres there as well. Today I found the newest release by Palastic ft. LissA. Investigations about them ended unsuccessful and the only information I can give to you is that Palastic is an Austrian production duo working mainly on remixes. They often invite a female vocalist named LissA to complete their record. And how to describe their sound? Maybe slow house combined with electronic soul with a succinct voice over their electronic works. Sometime LissA's voice reminds me to SOAK. Can't imagine? Try.

For those who want to listen to more - here's their last year record.

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

Remember Fruitbat and JimBob

Bildergebnis für carter usm

Over at WYCRA by doing their rundown from 200 a band was featured that made an immense attraction to me in the early 80's. Carter USM (what a name to a band) were a band that appeared to my radar in the late 80's/early 90's. The first record I bought was 30 Something, a title that made me a little bit confused. But listening to the record at my local record store made to buy this record. I have to say that it was on a heavy rotation at this time until now. To promote their record they came close to my place and me and my youngest brother took the chance to see them live. It was at a small venue in the area of Stuttgart university. It was not filled with a big audience and the audience was filled with fans to their sound. Never before I heard a band live playing samples and giving the audience a new experience to their very unique sound. It is still one concert I certainly will never forget and as said over at WYRCA: I left with a grin on my face. Knowing that there are a lot of fans out there I sadly think that they didn't got their effort in music right now. Anyway, it is a band that companied me during the last decades and I will never miss their music.

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Le Femme

Bildergebnis für la femme

It is the last month of the year and I think it is time for a retrospective what happened this year in music. I will start a rundown during the next weeks about artists/records that impressed me much this year or their records are worth to be named when I look back from the start of this year. To make you some appetite here is a band that I listen often this year. Surely not the next big thing around but a record I used to play often during the last months. Le Femme is a French band based in Biartzz in south-west France. They might call them a pop-band but for they include a lot of influences in their sound. Krautrock, surf, a bit of psychedelic and a lot of popular sound of course. All in all it is a record I listened often this year because it didn't disturb and you can can hear a lot of details the more you listen to.

Le Femme - Ou Va Le Monde

Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

You Do Right

Bildergebnis für can band

What a few horrible days at work since I came back from my break. A lot of colleges were off to waste their last leave entitlement and my boss as well. He's hanging around in Jamaica but I suppose that he won't ever get a feeling to the people and the culture. So he left us with a big lot of jobs to do that should be executed until the end of next week. So I hurry from right to left to fulfil his needs as possible as I am able to. The last days I came home after a ten hour work at the office and I wanted nothing more than a beer with my mates after work. But be sure - there are brighter days ahead. Until then I relax with a classic Krautrock by Can. Still a band that was groundbreaking in this genre. It is almost 40 years ago since they released this song. If you have the time than take a journey to German Krautrock/Psychedelia and relax as well as I do this sound.

Can - Yoo Doo Right

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

From The In-Box

From all the music that arrived during the last weeks only less music is worth to listen more than one song. Oddly these time it was basically electronic music that is worth to feature at this place.

The first one is by an Italian artist based in Rome. Tony Aurino is the man behind 2A at the Playground. He studied piano and drums, built his own home studio to realize his first full record. His songs are based on a handmade drum-sound added with ingredients influenced by Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys and Chemical Brothers. How to describe his sound? Probably a perfect mixture of blues influenced electrical Trip Hop. And as a compliment - not only to copy them - it's more something very own.

The next band Athyrium is one I know less about. The internet tells me that it is a specious of fern (in this way lady-fern). The band/project is based in Seattle and obtain their inspiration on Bristol based Trip Hop. They do it in their way and their songs are well worth to listen. Downtempo songs with great voices. Not too bad for a new band.

The last one is very different to the ones before. 12 Cents For Marvin is from the new record by a band that is still together since 20 years. Playing their very own version of a ska-influenced pop, rock and reggae sound. If they show live their enthusiasm to this music it will be worth to join them for a beer or two

Montag, 28. November 2016

More By The (Real) King

Bildergebnis für augustus pablo meets king tubby

Yesterday morning started with reading the posts of our friends and Adam surprised me with five magnificent lines about King Tubby and Blood and Fire-records. Listening to the offered song there was no way out for me to catch a whole album by King Tubby from my collection and listen to it again after years. I've chosen King Tubby's collaboration with Augustus Pablo Meets Rockers 
Uptown. Almost forgot how great this record is. A timeless masterpiece of Jamaican dub. It is all we need - some great bass, sparce guitar and horns or Augustus' melodica lines. Not the worst way to start into the new week.

Say So
Sata Dub
Keep On Dubbin

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Stop Me

Bildergebnis für vintage

Nick Murphy or better known by his stage name Chet Faker is an Australian singer and songwriter doing his interpretations of modern soul during the last years. He found my attention with a collaboration with probably Australia's most popular DJ (in my opinion the most overrated) and a few remixes. Grown up with Motown soul and Ibiza chill out CD's he now returns with his very own electric soul with a greater touch of rock behind a accented bass.