Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Beautifully Unconventional

Bildergebnis für wolf alice

My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice was one of the best records in 2015 and played often at my home. Now they announce that their second record will be released next month and they gave us a little appetizer with their new single Beautifully Unconventional. Probably the album will be a surprising mix of various genres. Here Wolf Alice celebrates a 60's girl-group inspired funky blues-rock thing over only 2:16 minutes. Fantastic.

Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

Another Garage Sound

Keb Darge

While listening to Drew's yesterday post I thought by myself that I didn't posted any garage sound for a very long time. Thinking which songs I could post it came to my mind that I got he news that there was a compilation was released with a lot of nuggets from the 60's garage, psychedelic and punk from across the Atlantic ocean. Compiled by Keb Darge, a Scottish DJ and music producer  in the genres of Northern Soul and Rockabilly I don't have the record yet so here are some appetizers from youtube.

Ty Wagner is a 1945 born guitar player from Buffalo, NY. He played his lifetime in several bands touring the USA but got no bigger success than as a local hero.

From The Nobles I can't tell anything only that they had appearances on samplers like Back From The Grave

Dienstag, 15. August 2017

Who Remembers Bill Nelson?

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It was back in the mid 70's of the last century when rock music got boring. Torn between mainstream rock and the verve of pub rock a band appeared on the scene that was different to all. Be-Bop Deluxe made the difference these days. They was categorized as art-rock but they were more. Their guitarist Bill Nelson, one of the most underrated guitar players in these days, created a sound that was totally different to all other bands. It is somewhere between art rock, guitar slinging added with the best of improvisation we all knew from bands of the krautrock era. It was never a music for everyone but I enjoyed listening to Nelson and his guitar during the last decades (and as I read John Peel played him often in his shows). He recorded almost 100 records during the last years and I lost him somewhere during the last years and found back to him when he released his latest record The Awakening Of Dr Dream an album full of instrumentals showing his abilities of playing guitar.

Montag, 14. August 2017


Bildergebnis für mogwai

Mogwai, one of the most magnate guitar based bands from Scotland announced a new album. The first listens I got made me think that nothing went wrong in their development in their sound. Still guitar and bass dominated they design an aural experience to our ears. A resounding vibrato, bass is enriched with rumbling ends, before almost trimidly a guitar melody starts. After more than two minutes Mogwai's line this song scaffolding with a flatly swelling sound capes, before the melody transformed in the sound process Coolverine allows to end after six-minute sound drunkeness. Still fascinating and far above the average. Like this song and the record and they persuaded me live one year ago.

Sonntag, 13. August 2017


Bildergebnis für vintage athletics sebastian coe

Another fine pop-song came to my ears the recent days. It is the newest single by Superfood a London/Birmingham based duo. While they did the Brit-Pop/Indie-rock thing in their early times now the come smoother around the corner. To be geared in reggae, dub and Gorillaz and adding a niftiy sample by Prince Buster they made a catchy song. Something perfect for Sunday morning.

Freitag, 11. August 2017

Reduced To The Limit

Bildergebnis für vintage athletics

Richard Thompson is going to release another record with acoustic classics these days. I think that I don't have to tell you about him, his career, work and importance of British folk/blues music. A few years ago he released a record with acoustic versions of well known songs he made during his long time career. Now he's back with new songs in different versions played in a simple and easy way only a great musician can do. Just the perfect music to come down after a hard working day.

Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

Dawning Of A New Era

Bildergebnis für the specials

A few days ago I listened to a radio show featuring famous albums from the last decades. It is a series during the summer and it started with the epoch-making first album by The Specials. Back in 1979 is I had to do my basic military service in German army. Not much money to spent and living mostly together with other guys that have to share the same commitment. But we had a social room in the attic where could meet, drink, talk and listen to music to. In this time ska was the very new thing that was hyped by musical press and I suddenly got infected by this kind of music. Of course I knew a lot of songs from Jamaica and reggae was heard all over but I didn't knew anything about the ska movement in the 60's or what it meant to pop culture in Great Britain. For me it was only a new sound I could agree much to. In these days I owned the albums of The Specials. Madness and other Two Tone bands and I felt save and harm to this sound. The self titled album is still a classic and Wiki tells us this about it:

Musically, the album encapsulates the wave of British ska, greatly reworking the original sound of 1960s Jamaican ska. The music shares the infectious energy and humour of the original sound, but injects new-found anger and punk sensibility. The resulting sound is considerably less laid-back and "Caribbean" sounding than original ska, and dispensed with much of the percussion and the larger horn sections used in the older variety. The Specials also brought guitar to the front of the mix; it had often been a secondary instrument in Jamaican ska

The album produced by Elvis Costello with his anti-racist basic position which hits on rage about unemployment, social injustice, however, also on humor and opposition is still an all time favourite of mine during the last decades. Not only that The Specials brought their own songs to us they also introduced a lot of folks to classic songs by Toots and the Maytals, Prince Buster or Dandy Livingstone. It feels good to remember great records after all these years. 

The Specials - Monkey Man
The Specials - Too Much Too Young
The Specials - (Dawning Of A) New Era
The Specials - You're Wondering Now
The Specials - Doesn't Make It Alright

Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

He's Back

Bildergebnis für nick heyward

Since the days of Haircut 100's epic album Pelican West I was a fan of Nick Heyward's abilities about writing and arranging great pop songs. This record and his solo records were always an opportunity for me put them on the turntable. The more I was surprised that he released a new record after more than 15 years. That this record entered the record charts in the top twenty surprised me as well and when I listen to his new songs I have to admit that he didn't lost his ability to write great songs. It is not the best record this year so far but there were a lot songs on it that will grow and get your friend the more you will listen to them. If someone was searching for the perfect pop song, Nick Heyward is very close to it. A great artist is back with a bucket full of great songs. Good to have him back.

Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Strangers's Kiss

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Sydney based singer/songwriter Alex Cameron released her first record last year. Now she's back with a collaboration with Angel Olsen an American singer/songwriter based in the newer singer/songwriter and folk scene. It is a slow kind of love song that was given to us.The narrations cannot demonstrate there themselves a lot: ’Cause in micron dreams, I measure you“, one says in the refrain. Ancient history with quiet wind, floating mood and self-deception, everything stays open and tomorrow we embrace someone else. A song that lasts for me and I will listen to some times more.

Montag, 7. August 2017

They Still Make Music Like Decades Before

Bildergebnis für second still

Sometimes you can imagine by watching a record cover that inside will be great music. So it happened by Second Still and their first full length record with the same title. A woman enfolded in a grey rope in front of an almost dark background makes me think of some kind of gothic. And indeed this three piece band from Los Angeles combine the sound of French coldwave with a touch of No Wave. Originally formed a few years ago in NYC they were embossed by the post-punk underground scene. They added their influences into their sound and created something very own. Bass and guitar could be heard on records by The Cure. It is a retro sound transported into today. Absolutely marvellous and inspiring to listen to the originals once again.

Sonntag, 6. August 2017

When We Die

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Trip-Hop pioneer Tricky announced his upcoming record Ununiform next month and presented the first single out of it the recent days. Together with his long time collaborator Martina Topley-Bird he made another minimalistic song. Bafftling, misty and in slow motion are the attributes that came to my mind listening  to this song where both voices work together very well.

Freitag, 4. August 2017

Do You Remember The Members?

Bildergebnis für the members

it is almost 40 years ago when a new fresh sound slopped from London to every part of the world. They called it punk, three-chord music and traditional (hippie) ears blamed it to a non inspirational music played by some rotten guys. It was hard in this time to explain the majority why I love this kind of music. Based on the best of British pub rock, reggae and traditional rhythm and blues lots of bands forced the speed of the music. One of the first bands playing this kind of music were The Members. You might know a lot of songs by them and probably forget to remember them. A few days ago I got the notice that they released a retrospective of their Virgin years starting from their first At The Chelsea Nightclub to their hit singles and added with BBC and Peel sessions. This made me going to my vinyl to grab out their early records and listen to. And I have to say they that their sound didn't lost it's fascination during the decades. Probably they were one of the first bands that brought reggae sound into rock music. It is an underrated band who had a massive influence to the bands that came after them. PubCall it sentimental but I still stick to this music after all the years. Pure fun.

The Members - Solitary Confinement
The Members - Sound Of The Suburbs
The Members - Offshore Banking Business

Mittwoch, 2. August 2017

Happy Birthday Garth Hudson

Bildergebnis für garth hudson

Today Garth Hudson celebrates his 80th birthday. He was a forming member of The Band and a much-in-demand and highly respected session musician. The Band was the one of the first bands who lead me into traditional American music. And still I go back to this kind of music from time to time. They were very different to lots of other bands in the late 60's when guitar solos ruled the world. It was the organ sound of Garth Hudson (and the voice of Levon Helm) that made their music extraordinary.

The Band - When I paint my masterpiece
The Band - Chest fever

Dienstag, 1. August 2017

John Lee Hooker Today?

Bildergebnis für hugo Race

I have to admit that I am not a fan of blues/blues rock. Since my youngest days there was a club in our town formed in the rebellion years of 1968/69.  Formed as a forum for literally, political and music the club is still alive. In the 70's/80's the music was ruled by jazz and blues. A lot of great artists appeared there and I was lucky enough to listen to some great blues musicians from Europe and America. The last concert I went to in the club was by Robben Ford and it was blues pure. He played his songs in a great way but it didn't fit to me and I went after 30 minutes. Since then I didn't listen to blues at all except the old masters from decades gone by. A few weeks ago I got aware that Hugo Race made a blues record together with Michelangelo Russo called John Lee Hooker's World Today. To be honest, I didn't know Russo before and I knew Hugo Race from his works with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The more I was surprised what came to my ears. It is a tribute to JLH but not in the way re-recording his songs like Boom Boom once again. No it is more a very own and unique interpretation of his kind of songs. Race and Russo play a very noir kind of blues probably Hooker would do right now. The music in addition is orchestrated blues, psychedelic with a lot of feeling, Spartan and always against the growing darkness. Long, fading away, eerie guitar sounds, stoic pumping bass play, timed percussions added with breathy vocals and some keyboards both coming from the depth. Presumably I am too euphoric, however, this album is for a few days on heavy rotation in my house and probably one of the best one this year so far.